JurisDental Services

JurisDental Services

A Dental Legal Stewardship Program
Get Your Own Chief Legal Officer At A Fraction Of The Cost

JurisDental offers remote legal services specifically designed for dental practices. Starting at $300 a month your practice will receive protection like never before.

With JurisDental you will make more money from us than you will ever spend on us.

We provide insurance claim maximization, collections, Chief Legal Officer services, and legal protections for the business, it's principles, and employees.

What Comes with your Jurisdental Service?

JurisDental assigns dental practices their own Chief Legal Officer. This attorney provides support with insurance companies, collections, HR, and even OSHA Compliance. The services of JurisDental will save your practice time and money, and cost less than one billable hour a month from a traditional law firm for these services.

Protect your practice. Make more money.

Insurance Claim Maximization

You earned it. Every dollar of it. When you've got a legal team on your side, you are bound to get paid everything you deserve, and faster than you've come to expect. From EFT reconciliation to claim denials and appeals, we've got you covered.

Kinder Collections

We work with your patients to collect past due amounts. We are not pushy and would never compromise your practice relationships. We are committed to treating your patients with respect so that we can help find solutions without alienation.

Legal Protections

As you grow your business and net-worth, we make sure that all your legal affairs are properly set up for maximum return and protection.

We also provide complementary employee benefits protecting their legacy investments.

Chief Legal Officer

Have peace of mind. Annual audits and employee training will prepare your office for complete compliance and protect you against unnecessary litigation. In the event of an incident, you will have a team of attorneys ready to help without paying any extra for their guidance.

JurisDental Feature Breakdown

Insurance Claim Maximization

Dental Billing Services

We review all denied dental claims, and then verify procedurally what went wrong. The missing information needed is gathered by us. We then prepare the claim for approval. Monthly reports are provided.

Dental Insurance Verification

We work with the insurance companies to make sure your office has updated insurance benefits information for your patients. We provide accurate estimates on the amount paid by the insurance company and the amount responsible by the patient.

EFT Reconciliation Services

We handle your EFT Reconciliations by verifying what insurance companies are supposed to pay and make sure that is taking place. We audit and make sure to reduce the likelihood of fraud or embezzlement.

Kinder Collections

Custom letters Requesting payment

Dentists must protect their business. Form letters from aggressive collection agencies wont help. We write personal letters. Work directly with your patients.

Personal Phone Calls to Patients

This service speaks for itself. We call on your behalf, giving patients opportunities not judgments.

Weekly and Monthly Reports

Our reports are personalized and specific.

Chief Legal Officer

Legal advice and support

Every business needs CLO. They provide legal direction and guidance without paying $500 per hour. Our Attorneys specialize in dentistry. Their advice matters most.

Sexual Harassment Training

Every year employees will receive online training on how to protect themselves from sexual harassment and what do if accused, or if sexual harassment is witnessed or a victim of sexual harassment. Most sexual harassment complaints in a dental office actually stem form patients harassing assistants and hygienists. Having processes in place will protect the practice from costly litigation.

Annual OSHA and HIPAA Training

Online training to help the office stay completely compliant.

HR Contract Reviews

Employment offer letters and employee contracts to help prevent work-related lawsuits. Termination contracts to help against wrongful terminations claims.

Legal Protections

Formation document review

Business formation is important. Make sure it is done correctly.

Partner/Ownership Contracts

Wanting to bring in partners? Sell to a large DSO? Contracts are key. This must be done quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate Contracts

Whether buying a building to practice or simply looking to diversify by purchasing real property, our services inclined commercial real estate contracts for our clients.

Estates, Wills and Trusts

Everyone in the office will benefit from this Elite level service. All employees will receive personalized estate services, including family wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.

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